The Karpenteers

A Tribute to the Carpenters

The Karpenteers

A Tribute to the Carpenters

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The Karpenteers Story

       The Karpenteers bring you the very best of the Carpenters, the biggest-selling pop group of the 70s. From the first few piano chords, to the smooth, catchy vocal melodies, to the lush harmonies and brilliant arrangements, this versatile quartet masterfully recreates the magic that is the Carpenters. Accompanied by classic instrumental interludes and a solid rhythm section, they elegantly transport you back to the memories of the Carpenters' and their rich, memorable sound.

          Remaining faithful to the original arrangements, the Karpenteers forge their musical talents to deliver a nostalgic show that is a fitting tribute to the legacy of the Carpenters.

The Karpenteers Quartet


Band Members (alt keyboards)

               Left to Right
Stu Watarz- Keyboard, vocals

Henry Diaz- guitar/synth, bass, vocals
Jamie Betty- Drums, vocals

Kristi Diaz- Lead Vocals

Doug Brett - Keyboard (not pictured)

End of Summer Concert


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